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    Recognizing AGC Members Since 1919

    In 1918, the Associated General Contractors (AGC) was founded in Chicago. After 100 years of forward-thinking, today it represents more than 26,000 firms and 10,500 chapters across the nation. BirdDogHR, as the only Affinity Program Provider for the AGC, extends our congratulations to AGC.
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    How to Build an Employer Brand to Attract Top Talent

    Finding the right candidates and convincing them to join your team can be tough in today's talent-management environment. In a world where your candidates are looking for more than just a regular salary, an employer brand could be what sets you apart from the competitng business in your field.
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    Why You Should Allow Employees Flextime

    As the world becomes more connected every day, more companies see less of a need for their companies to work the traditional nine-to-five in a designated office space. Flextime options offer employees and managers alike huge benefits at work and home and can ultimately improve your bottom line.
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    ATS Software Spotlight: Resume Screening

    The candidates you don't hire shouldn't take valuable time from your day. With the BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS), users can batch candidates into groups of any size for easier review and reporting.
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    How to Write the Best Job Description

    A job ad is the first impression your company gets to make with a candidate and is the deciding factor as to whether they will apply or not. Here's how to clean up your job description to make your ad accessible to all candidates.
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    5 Ways Unions Benefit Federal Contractors

    Federal contractors can benefit from a unionized workforce. Unions are a great resource to attract qualified candidates at a time when skilled workers are hard to find. Read more to learn the many benefits for both employees and employers.
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    How to Build a Strong Company Culture

    Building a strong company culture is no easy task, though it is vital for employee retention and the success of your business. Do you have a solid strategy in place for developing company culture?
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    3 Ways HR Can Support Union Employees

    Not every HR department is in favor of a unionized workforce, but by supporting unions, human resources can maintain a pulse on employee engagement and workplace satisfaction, which can guide future strategic planning.
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