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    How Much Your Bad Hires Cost You and How to Fix It

    It happens all the time. A HR manager goes through the lengthy hiring process to find the perfect applicant for their open position. They find their ideal hire and process all the paperwork. Two weeks later, the new employee shows up for their first day. It's all going swimmingly. Then reality hits hard. The new hire is not up to snuff on what ...
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    Why You Should Invest in Employee Development

    A learning and development software provides many benefits, and can help boost employee productivity and satisfaction, making it easier for companies to thrive all while saving your company money and valuable time. By providing employees wit resources to further their skills, you won't only continue to assist in their development, but will begin ...
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    The 5 Proven Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    What exactly does an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) do and what can it do for you? An ATS manages the recruiting and hiring process and automates processes such as job postings, organizing applications and compliance, all in an automated organized cloud-based software. An ATS saves time and streamlines the process for all involved, allowing your ...
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    5 Tips to Actually Improve Your Employee Performance Reviews

    Only 2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that supports them to do outstanding work. By taking the individual needs of your employees into account and by implementing new strategies, you can change that in your workplace.
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    Here's How Much Non-Compliance Could Cost You

    Construction leaders and managers working for federal contractors wear many hats: staffing their job sites, ordering materials, training their crew and putting in the extra hours to meet project deadlines. With so many responsibilities, it can be difficult for federal contractors to keep up with changing compliance regulations from the Office of ...
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    How to Handle Weather Delays in Construction

    Mother nature dictates the schedule of construction sites, so what should one do when she decides if it’s time to throw a tornado into the mix? When bad weather poses a safety risk on outdoor job sites, take advantage of the extra time to train and engage the team.
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    How This ENR 400 Winner has Built a Winning Workforce

    For this Texas-based general contractor, creating innovative programs and initiatives to attract and retain a winning workforce speaks to their commitment to building trust in the communities they serve. Joeris General Contractors was founded in 1967 and attributes their 51 years of success to many things, but their hForard-working employees top ...
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    Employer Branding in Construction: A Recruiting Guide

    If you work in the construction industry, you have an employer brand (whether you realize it or not). Essentially, your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. It consists of the different factors that make your construction company the top choice for construction candidates looking for a job, along with the factors that help keep ...
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    Improving Employee Retention: Strategies Your Team Hasn’t Considered

    While it would be easy to try to pin retention issues on one specific department or person, it's simply not true. Individuals all across the company contribute to retention rates. People join companies and leave cultures. It's important to know how each person in the company is responsible for high or low employee retention rates and moves that ...
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    How Technology is Impacting Your Employer Brand

    With the majority of job-seekers are looking for jobs on their mobile device and the number of paper applicants declining sharply, it’s important to recognize that your company’s online presence will become more and more important as technology becomes more intertwined with all aspects of company life. Companies are shifting their recruiting ...
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