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    How to Build an Employer Brand to Attract Top Talent

    Finding the right candidates and convincing them to join your team can be tough in today's talent-short environment. It seems as though countless companies are competing for the same skill sets, meaning that you have to settle for the "closest" thing to your perfect hire, or risk having a gap in your staff for several months.
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    Why You Should Allow Employees Flextime

    As the world becomes more connected every single day, more companies see less of a need for their employees to work the traditional nine-to-five in a designated office space. With the available technology, having everyone in a central location isn't as necessary as it was fifteen years ago. Flextime options offer employees and managers alike huge ...
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    Software Spotlight: Candidate Batching

    It's 4:45 PM on a Friday. You've just posted an open position with the hopes of receiving a few applications over the weekend. Fast forward to Monday morning and you discover over 100 resumes await your review, along with all of your other work. You're overwhelmed.
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    How to Write the Best Job Description

    In many cases, a job ad is the first impression your company gets to make with a candidate and is the deciding factor as to whether or not they apply. The average jobseeker will look at a posting for 5-10 seconds before making their decision. That's not a lot of time, so your job ad better knock their expectations out of the park.
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    End the Stigma: Suicide in Construction

    The construction and extraction industries have the second-highest rate of suicide - 53.3 per 100,000 workers, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that suicide is a silent killer in the construction industry. Mental health issues often don't strike us as something inherently ...
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    How to Create the Best Candidate Hiring Experience

    It can be easy for hiring managers to think that the candidates are looking for them when, in fact, they're the ones looking for candidates. The job search goes both ways, but at the end of the day, the hits on your job application are only worth anything if you're investing time and money on the candidate experience. Applicants with a negative ...
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    How to Build a Strong Company Culture

    Building a company culture is no easy task. Building a company culture so strong that it encourages employees to refer their friends is even more challenging. With consistent action on employee feedback, continuous training and referral incentives, this goal can be accomplished.
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    3 Ways HR Can Support Union Employees

    While unions are generally created to protect employees, employers can experience challenges if they don't have the proper tools or knowledge in supporting them. Not everybody is in favor of a unionized workforce, but by supporting unions, HR can maintain a pulse on employee engagement and workplace satisfaction, which can guide future strategic ...
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