Here's Why You Need to Integrate Your ERP System

Imagine this scenario:

You are the HR pro at your business. You have an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) that is home to all your employee personal data and even payroll (essentially everything you ever needed from them, like addresses, Social Security numbers, bank accounts, etc.). As part of your strategic HR advancements, you've just implemented an Onboarding software to amp up your culture and retention. But...

Your onboarding software doesn't speak the same language as your ERP. You'll have to manually input the onboarding data into your ERP for your ERP to function properly. YIKES.

Are you panicking at the thought? We'd love to say don't - but unless you've partnered with an HR software company that has the coding ninjas needed for seamless integrations, you probably should panic, or at least throw your hands up in exasperation. Depending on your team size, you could be looking at hours of tedious-but-necessary busy work. This kind of thing makes it easy to see how HR managers who aren't fully automated say they lose an average of 14 hours a week to completing tasks manually.

But, if your HR software partner (like BirdDogHR) has the bilingual capabilities to speak both ERP and onboarding (or any other module), you’re looking at a lot less busy work - in fact, you’re looking at just a few clicks.

Read on for three ways a smooth integration can make your life easier as an HR professional.

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1. No More Data Entry Errors

With a quality integration platform, you're eliminating manual data input. Your ERP - the "source of truth" as our integrations guru, Bernie, calls it - already has all your employee data. Either you or your team already inputted it manually, or even better, the required data came in with your smart Applicant Tracking System. It's already there - you just need shared with your newest software in an efficient way.

With Software That Can Integrate: Your new software will play nicely with your ERP; in other words, they'll use integrations to find a common language that allows for data to be shared without ever involving human interaction. Just two HR softwares, figuring out how to get along despite their differences, with on impact on data integrity.

2. Time Saved

You've already put your time in regarding the data in your ERP. Whether you had to type it in when it first came to you, or you had be trained on how to use the ERP, your job should be complete. The data is there; you shouldn't have to spend important work hours (or worse-after-work hours) doing work you've already crossed off your list.

With Software That Can Integrate: Your new software provider will set up the integration to copy and place your ERP data to your new software. The process is done. (And your after-hours time remains intact.)

Data Stays Safe

Re-typing necessary data is time-consuming, but allowing personal data to be handled more than necessary is just plain dangerous. With every handling, the data is more likely to be compromised. Whether that means purposefully misused by wayward employees, or through outside fraud like these thieves that target human resource departments, the fact remains that less secure data is bad for business.

With Software That Can Integrate: Only computers touch this data, and with partners worth their salt, the computers that do touch it are fully secured and use encrypted data. Only HR stakeholders with the proper clearance can ever access the data.

As an HR professional who continues to want your business to operate at the highest levels and with the smartest technology, it's important to make sure all your HR tech can speak to each other. For BirdDogHR customers, that can mean integrating some of our modules into your existing ERP, or implementing our ERP with our modules. Our software integrates with dozens of ERPs - and more all the time - including Sage 300, Viewpoint Spectrum, Viewpoint Vista and ADP, to name a few. If needed we can even build a custom integration.

Learn more about how our software makes life easier for HR departments with a free assessment.

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