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How Technology is Impacting Your Employer Brand

With the majority of job-seekers are looking for jobs on their mobile device and the number of paper applicants declining sharply, it’s important to recognize that your company’s online presence will become more and more important as technology becomes more intertwined with all aspects of company life. Companies are shifting their recruiting efforts to the internet, so it’s important to be able to project your unique employer brand to the internet so your company stands out among the competition to help you get the hires your company needs.

The Website

First and foremost, all companies need a high-quality, functional website. Fewer and fewer Americans reference the yellow pages for information about businesses and rely heavily on the internet for information when it comes to all sorts of goods and services. Make sure your company website has the most accurate information possible about the company including an updated careers page that gives plenty of information about your workplace, from location to community partners to workplace activities that make your company unique. Make sure all your open positions are up to date on this page and share this page often to social media channels to be sure you’re not missing any great candidates.

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The Job Ad

Online job ads are another great way to show potential employees what’s so great about your workplace. Don’t be humble when discussing employee activities, company culture, benefits and work/life balance. Be clear about what the expectations and requirements of the job are, but also make sure that there are many things that would entice an applicant as well, such as volunteering, flex time, or the opportunity to work from home. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top but it does have to be honest, clear and appealing. If it’s not, it may be time to refresh your job ads and see if more applicants are interested than they have been in the past.

The Reality

At the end of the day, technology is just a tool to show the world your company culture, values and employer brand. Think of the internet as a window, not the view outside. Make sure your reality matches the image that you’re creating for your company online and that the job seeker will like what they see through the window even better when they walk through it in person. Only promote things that your company is actually doing. Employer branding isn’t about hopes for future company culture. It’s about making the most of the reality while working out the kinks.

Your online presence can have a huge impact on the applicants your company finds. By utilizing tools that are available, you can set your company up for recruiting success and make sure your employer brand is positive, accessible and enticing to jobseekers who find you.

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