Ditch Those Third-Party Job Boards

It wasn’t long ago that job distribution was as simple as submitting a “Help Wanted” ad in the newspaper or tacking a flier onto a community bulletin board. Those signs have been replaced by online job boards, email blasts, social media posts and mobile apps. When BirdDogHR™ was founded in 1997, we entered the market as one of the earliest job distribution software companies. As job boards like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Indeed developed, so have we. The BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System is the only ATS on the market today with built-in job distribution to CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed and more. HR teams will never have to purchase additional packages on those sites, because it’s included within the BirdDogHR ATS. In total, the BirdDogHR ATS is integrated with over 1,300 job boards across the country. Our ATS customers enjoy robust job distribution on nearly every job board a candidate might be searching through, without the burden and cost of a third party.

Go Where the Candidates Go

To maximize the effectiveness of your job distribution, you need to first identify where your target applicants are searching for open positions. In a LinkedIn study, 60 percent of job seekers used online job boards in their latest search, and 56 percent utilized social networking sites. While personal referrals and recruiting agencies are still key players in filling positions, it’s critical that candidates sourced through any method can find your online job posting when researching your company. Keep industry and education-specific options in mind as well. If you’re seeking an intern or apprentice, you may want to consider adding universities or unions to your distribution list. On the other end, upper-level candidates may be passively searching, so ensuring your employer brand is strong and that your job posts are easy to locate through credible sources is key. With the BirdDogHR ATS, you can reach diverse candidate pools through job boards and social media sites with just one click.

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Partnerships that Pay Off

Investing in an applicant tracking system like the BirdDogHR ATS brings huge returns in the long run. Not only can HR teams access centralized applicant information and establish competencies to screen candidates, but because the BirdDogHR ATS offers integrated job distribution, each year BirdDogHR renews partnerships with the top job boards so our customers don’t have to.

A quick online search shows that a single job posting can cost over $400 for a month-long timeframe on some of the most popular job board sites. Let’s say it’s the beginning of your busy season and there are ten unique positions to fill. Keeping that dollar amount in mind, it would cost over $4,000 to keep those job posts up for just one month on just one job board. What if you don’t find the applicants you’re looking for in that time? According to an Indeed study, about 43 percent of job openings are filled within the first 30 days. The other 57 percent of jobs that aren’t filled within that first month are likely to remain open for three months or more. Instead of onboarding a group of excited new hires, positions are still unfilled, your budget is smaller and those unfilled positions could mean a further revenue loss for your company.

The biggest online job boards may not be the best job distribution partner for every business or budget. For companies with frequent openings, niche positions, or smaller HR teams and budgets, the built-in job distribution offered through the BirdDogHR ATS pays off in the long run and offers more candidate management and reporting tools.

Set and Forget

If you ask an HR professional what their busiest time of year is, you may receive a puzzled look back. Whether they’re responding to employee change requests, setting up company-wide insurance plans or completing new-hire paperwork, HR teams are always busy. Add a few open positions to the mix, and that puzzled look may turn into one of frustration. The beauty of a robust applicant tracking system, like the BirdDogHR ATS, lies in automation.

With the BirdDogHR ATS, administrators enjoy unlimited job postings that automatically renew every 30 days until the position is filled. With a single click, jobs are posted to over 1,300 online job boards, state workforce sites, educational sites and social media networks. Because the ATS distribution is integrated with top job boards, users can expect top-tier organic postings that are positioned higher in the search results page for longer than any other ATS on the market.

Why BirdDogHR is Better

Along with its vast job distribution capabilities, the BirdDogHR ATS provides HR teams an easier way to manage the applicant process. Integration with company-specific career pages brings applicants straight to your site where they can apply in an average of two minutes or less. Videos, photos, and other brand elements can also be added to hosted career pages, engaging candidates with your employer brand from the moment they discover your opening. When HR is ready to access candidate information, it’s all done in one centralized and configurable dashboard.

Although there are many applicant tracking products on the market, you won’t find a solution that compares to the BirdDogHR ATS. When you’re ready for recruiting results that matter, request a demo of our software to see why the BirdDogHR ATS is the only job distribution tool you need.