Develop Your Employees with Learning Management

Be an Employer Who Empowers Employees

When you give employees the opportunity to take charge of their own training and professional development, you’re showing that you’re invested in them not just as a worker, but as a person.

When organizations provide their employees the opportunity to develop their skills - and improve their worth as an employee - they are more likely to invest in a long-term, loyal relationship with your company. Need proof? According to Mercer, 78 percent of employees say they would remain longer with their employer if they saw a career path within the current organization. Read our ultimate guide to planning for promotions.

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 Make Training Simple with Easy Access 

Employees are hungry to improve themselves. We know this from statistics like these, from Gallup:

  • 27 percent of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers would leave their current job for one that offered professional development programs

  • 41 percent of Millennials would do the same

By removing hurdles to your LMS, you’re setting up employees for success. This means:

  • A Centralized Location for All Training: An employee portal is a great hub for training, especially if you use it for other core HR functions, like benefits reviews and onboarding.

  • Ease of Use: Employees can see their learning plan, progress and history on their dashboard.

  • Automated Communication: Employees automatically receive emails when they have new assignments or when a deadline is approaching.

Cloud-Based Access: Any time, anywhere, on almost any tech device with an Internet connection that your employee uses. No special technology is required, and no special apps need to be downloaded.

Use Automated Reporting Tools to Stay Compliant 

In some industries, training isn’t just a tool to better employee engagement, it’s the law. Safety and compliance standards, whether OSHA or other legal requirements, need to be met on time and with passing grades.

A smart LMS will:

  • Know which employees need training

  • Track when training is due

  • Notify employees and managers of upcoming deadlines

  • Record results in the dashboard

  • Generate reports that show results and track results over time

  • Allow for employees to upload their own certificates where applicable, using their own mobile devices

  • Make your company 100 percent audit-ready

Have Great Content 

Quality content can make or break your training program. A smart LMS like ours is developed by multiple stakeholders, from our software developers who make it hum to the HR strategists who put together programming tracts and our quality third-party partners who produce the content.

Great LMS content includes:

  • Motivational strategies, like interactive quizzes

  • Up-to-date videos

  • A breadth of subjects that range from onboarding to on-the-job training

When you invest in your employees through a quality LMS, you’re reinvesting in your business. WIth an automated system, you’ll  have all of your company’s training materials, relevant content, reports, statistics and certification stored in one place that’s accessible anytime, from almost any device. If this isn't your reality, it's time to consider a web-based LMS - or a better one. See a demo of ours today.

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