Tips of the Trades

Recruiting isn’t easy but for employers in the skilled trades; it’s especially tricky.

Boomer generation retirements reveal an enormous skill gap and visible talent shortage which is creating a competitive and limited market of skilled candidates. Because of this, it’s more important now than ever, to make sure that your company’s recruiting strategy isn’t just cutting through the clutter, but through the competition.

At BirdDogHR we know it isn’t easy, but we’ve got some recruiting tips from Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing employers that can give you a head start in selecting and retaining the best candidates for your organization.

Recruit and retain your candidates by:

  • Offering opportunity
  • Finding those who will thrive in your culture
  • Test candidates focus and core competencies
  • Expand your reach to those who aren’t looking
  • Prioritize employee development
  • Lean on automation to free up HR for strategic thinking

BirdDogHR has all of the resources to help you in your candidate search from our own fully integrated Talent Management System to our experienced Managed Services team which is ready to serve as an extension of your HR team.

To see more tips check out Recruiting Secrets from the US’s Best Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing Employers infographic. To learn more about the BirdDogHR and find some solutions to your talent management struggles visit the website.