Why You Aren't Getting Enough Applicants

There's nothing more frustrating than having an empty role on a team and not having enough quality candidates to consider for it. It's frustrating for HR, the managers and the co-workers, not to mention, it's bad for morale. Why don't people want your jobs?

It's a rough hiring environment out there. But, it's not hopeless. Your job openings can rise to the top by checking off some simple steps in your applicant tracking process:

  • Your jobs are posted in the best places
  • The application process is quick and simple for candidates
  • Your reputation as an employer is good, both in real-life and on the Internet
  • You want to hire the right person, not just in the right qualifications

Ready to fix your applicant problem? Troubleshoot these four applicant-killers STAT.

5 Recruiting Secrets from HR Experts

Your Job Posting Process is Bad

Is your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) up to date? If not, you're missing the latest automatic job postings to the most popular job boards. Efficient job distribution should be:

  • Built-in, with no need for third-parties
  • One-click distribution to tons (ours has hundreds) of boards and social media channels
  • Targeted in niche industries and demographics

Are You Only Targeting Job Seekers?

Passive candidates are one of the best ways to get great hires, and social media is a perfect place to target them. Although traditional job boards like ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder and Glassdoor still need to be used, social media opens up a whole new lane of potential candidates who didn't know they were looking. Learn how to recruit passive candidates.

Recruiting passive job candidates is the top reason that organizations continue using social media for recruitment (SHRM).

Do Your Job Descriptions Help or Hurt?

Job descriptions matter more than ever, now that algorithms and search engines help candidates find relevant job postings. According to HR Dive, 72 percent of hiring managers think they provide clear job descriptions, but only 36 percent of candidates agree. That’s a lot of room for improvement! Learn how to maximize your job descriptions and attract more potential candidates.

You Have a Crummy Application Process

Perhaps your ATS is absolutely killing it at getting your jobs posted in the best places...and yet, you're still not seeing a good application rate. What gives? It could be:

  • Your Application is Too Long: If it takes more than five minutes to apply for jobs through your ATS, you're going to lose applicants.
  • It's Not Mobile Friendly: More job searches - and applications - start and end on mobile technology than ever before. Your application process must be mobile-friendly, or your potential applicants are going to give up on your outdated processes.
  • You Require an Applicant Profile: A strategic ATS won't require a password. This simple change in your ATS approach will land you more applications and fewer abandonments.
  • Read about 3 benefits of mobile optimizing your recruiting.

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You Have a Bad Employer Brand (Reputation)

Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. Are you an employer of choice? Why not? Your cruddy reputation could be a reason why you're not seeing a good number of applicants come through. Give your company a realistic audit on:

Your Ideal Candidate Profile is Too Narrow

In today's hiring environment, you've got to realign your recruitment philosophy. You're not looking for the perfectly qualified candidate anymore - you're looking for a person who wants to work hard, learn and succeed.

Here are some common hurdles that get in the way:

  • Your team usually hires a certain type of candidate. Time to get over your expectations.
    • Women with children are the fastest growing segment of the workforce.
    • Gen Z, born between 1997 and now, will be the first American generation to be majority-minority.
    • Veterans come with some valuable, needed skills, like teamwork, problem solving and a tested knack for getting things done.
  • "Requirements" are too stringent. It's time to start looking for new hires with potential, not just those who can check every box. Maybe that means a college degree or XX years of experience aren't really necessary, and maybe it means giving a promising current employee a shot at something new.

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