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    The Importance of Emotional Onboarding

    Change is hard, and when it involves entering a new workplace culture, office space and team of professionals, it's really hard, even while it's exciting. This phase of an employee's life is short but crucial and often overlooked by the employers who are chasing engagement, enthusiasm and loyalty.
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    Managing the Opioid Crisis in Construction

    Opioids are one of the most commonly prescribed drug classes for chronic pain or injuries in the workplace. The problem is that it can easily become addictive, causing dependence in its users and risks in their workplaces. While this post is not a substitute for advice from a certified legal professional, some of this information may help shed ...
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    Software Spotlight: Offer Letters

    The busy season means different things for different companies. Take the summer months in construction for the holiday season in retail for example. When you're busy, you want extra hands on deck and you want them fast.
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    Recognizing AGC Members Since 1919

    In 1918, the Associated General Contractors (AGC) was founded in Chicago. After 100 years of forward-thinking, today it represents more than 26,000 firms and 10,500 chapters across the nation. BirdDogHR, as the only Affinity Program Provider for the AGC, extends our congratulations to AGC on its impressive impact on the construction industry!
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    How to Build an Employer Brand to Attract Top Talent

    Finding the right candidates and convincing them to join your team can be tough in today's talent-short environment. It seems as though countless companies are competing for the same skill sets, meaning that you have to settle for the "closest" thing to your perfect hire, or risk having a gap in your staff for several months.
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    Why You Should Allow Employees Flextime

    As the world becomes more connected every single day, more companies see less of a need for their employees to work the traditional nine-to-five in a designated office space. With the available technology, having everyone in a central location isn't as necessary as it was fifteen years ago. Flextime options offer employees and managers alike huge ...
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    Software Spotlight: Candidate Batching

    It's 4:45 PM on a Friday. You've just posted an open position with the hopes of receiving a few applications over the weekend. Fast forward to Monday morning and you discover over 100 resumes await your review, along with all of your other work. You're overwhelmed.
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    How to Write the Best Job Description

    In many cases, a job ad is the first impression your company gets to make with a candidate and is the deciding factor as to whether or not they apply. The average jobseeker will look at a posting for 5-10 seconds before making their decision. That's not a lot of time, so your job ad better knock their expectations out of the park.
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