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    24 Reasons to Update Your HR Processes

    The pursuit of higher efficiency and better technology has HR professionals in all industries looking for ways to take advantage of smart HR automation. According to a CareerBuilder survey of HR pros, not fully automating means dedicating an average 14 hours a week to manually completing tasks that could be automated.
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    The Power of Anonymous Employee Surveys

    Employee surveys are a routine part of most employee experiences. Maybe once a year, or during performance reviews, employees are asked to evaluate the people they work with every day, the processes that earn their livelihood and their thoughts on the company as a whole.
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    Perks of a Dog-Friendly Office

    Americans love their pets, and with 62 percent of us owning a dog, it's no wonder pet-friendly businesses are a growing trend. At BirdDogHR, we've been doing dog-friendly since the beginning. (Just take a look at some of our many Dogs of BirdDogHR members.)
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    The Importance of Employer Brand in Recruiting

    "Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer" At a time when finding, hiring and retaining top-notch employees is a No. 1 priority, an organization's "employer brand" can be an unsung hero. According to Gallup, 36 percent of job seekers say the brand of a company is very important when evaluating a potential job, so it can easily become ...
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    5 Signs You Need a Payroll Software

    When payroll is rolling, all is right in the world. When it's not...well, the message gets pretty angry, pretty quickly. An error-free payroll system is critical for any organization, and for an HR professional who is handling it all - well, it's quite a load to carry.
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