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    What Does an "Entry-Level" Position Really Mean?

    You just had a valued manager retire, so you promoted another worker to fill their position, creating a chain reaction of promotions that left an entry-level position open. You posted the job ad but haven't had any applicants that meet your requirements, and therefore haven't even had an interview yet. It's frustrating, expensive and ...
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    12 Employee Engagement Strategies That Actually Work

    This can be a hectic time of year - wrapping up business, evaluating your team, managing time-off and maybe even working on year-end bonuses. A frenzied workplace mixed with home life and financial pressures of the holidays can lead to stressed out, checked out employees.
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    How Employers Can Better Support Veterans

    One Purple Heart Recipient's Story Purple Heart recipient and retired National Guard staff sergeant, John Kriesel, has an important message for employers: take off the kid gloves. On this Veterans Day, learn more about this American hero, his military-to-civilian transition and his thoughts on supporting veterans in the workplace.
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    BirdDogHR and InfinityHR Unite to Create a Complete HCM Solution

    Achieve Better Results with the BirdDogHR and Infinity HCM Suite As a business leader, your team looks to you to dream big and execute, while coaching and training them to eventually do the same. But when you and your team are bogged down by tedious manual processes like paperwork and data entry, those big dreams easily slip into afterthoughts.
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    Dealing with Toxic Employees: Workplace Masks

    Halloween may be the time to jump a little at the ghouls and goblins showing up at your front door, but there is never a time where any employee should feel scared, unsafe, disrespected or not valued in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employees across the nation report feeling this way due to toxic employees and are actively trying to leave ...
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    The Ultimate Guide to Planning for Promotions

    With unemployment at its lowest number in 18 years, hiring the right person for the right role is getting more challenging, especially for specialized or top-tier positions. The tight labor market requires companies to put a plan in place to keep their best employees.
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    An Employers' Guide to Performance Reviews

    For some employees, the Q4 annual performance review is nicely timed - right by Halloween, a perfect time to be terrified. Don't let this over-dramatized event scare your employees. Here are some Do's and Don'ts for achieving peak review status.
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    Software Spotlight: Onboarding

    Last week, we talked about emotional onboarding in person, but what about your new employees' experience before Day 1 in the office? Or if they are remote employees? Emotional onboarding doesn't start and end with face-to-face encounters. In fact, the BirdDogHR Onboarding Software is purposefully designed to inject company culture and personality ...
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