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    The Importance of Employer Brand in Recruiting

    "Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer" At a time when finding, hiring and retaining top-notch employees is a No. 1 priority, an organization's "employer brand" can be an unsung hero. According to Gallup, 36 percent of job seekers say the brand of a company is very important when evaluating a potential job, so it can easily become ...
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    5 Signs You Need a Payroll Software

    When payroll is rolling, all is right in the world. When it's not...well, the message gets pretty angry, pretty quickly. An error-free payroll system is critical for any organization, and for an HR professional who is handling it all - well, it's quite a load to carry.
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    Work-Life Balance vs. Work-Life Integration

    The competition for workers is on (it's been on for a while now), but it's getting more intense as the months of low unemployment and continued lack of qualified workers drag on. One of the best ways to attract great candidates into your organization is to have an employee-centric company culture and offer scheduling flexibility. (See our guide to ...
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    Here's What Construction Can Focus on in the Off-Season

    If you're among the lucky Americans who experience four distinct seasons, your construction company is probably in the winter doldrums of the off-season. For many businesses, this can be a stressful, fretful time that lacks hands-on lists of objectives and probably even hits your revenue stream.
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    Common Payroll Errors & How to Prevent Them

    When it comes to important departments at your organization, it's easy to focus on the flashier ones - sales, marketing, the corner suites. But the truth is, payroll is the backbone of your company. Without it, you don't have payments hitting bank accounts, and no matter what kind of stellar culture you have going on, you'll be hard-pressed to get ...
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