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    A Day in the Life: Integrated HR Systems vs. Not Integrated

    Software is meant to make your job easier, but if it's not built by coding professionals who "get" the HR world, the technology can't perform at its highest level. The integrations and data transfer portion of HR software is often the sticking point for companies getting into the smart HR world. If the integrations are well built and nimble, your ...
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    Simple Steps to Improve Employee Performance Goals

    When a workforce is struggling to meet performance goals, it's a symptom of a larger problem. Whether that's poor leadership, bad communication or a lack of clarity about expectations, everyone suffers when goals aren't met and performance management is poor. Consider these questions:
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    Why Company Culture Impacts Your Turnover

    More than ever before, employees have the upper hand in the employment game. They have information (just take a look at Glassdoor or Indeed company reviews) and more options (ahem, hello record-low unemployment) than ever before. Plus, companies that are willing to offer attractive benefits like generous leave, flexible working and a rewarding ...
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    What Era Is Your HR Department Operating In?

    The modern age of HR began during the industrial age, when unions were gaining power and employers had to start answering to their employees. That was in the early 20th century, while we respect originals, we hope you're not still operating like an originalist.
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    Tips for Handling Too Few Applications

    The job market is on fire, and candidates are low. It's summertime, so if you're in construction or agriculture, a departing employee leaves a massive hole on your team. You've got jobs to complete, milestones to hit and now, a qualified person to hire - STAT. But with the most qualified candidates already working on full tilt, and not even ...
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    How to Convince Your CFO to Upgrade Your HR Software

    According to research by CEB, five to six people are typically involved in most purchasing decisions within a company - including HR-focused software. Long before you sign on the dotted line, there’s one decision-maker you’re likely to need to bring into the discussion: the CFO (or controller, accountant, bookkeeper, etc.).
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    Making Your Job Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market

    HR professionals are the utility player of a company. They have their hands on a little bit of everything, from payroll and training to benefits and time-off policies. Where HR particularly shines is in recruiting and hiring. You've probably got a lot of tricks of the trade when it comes to landing great applicants, but as with any expert, you ...
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    Tricks for Handling Too Many Applications

    Searching for the perfect candidate is basically the Goldilocks tale for HR. You either have too few, too many or the perfect amount of qualified applicants. But as someone in the field, you know that finding the "just right" amount is pretty elusive. And while "too few" is more often the trouble in today's hot job market, "too many" applications ...
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