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    Ensure Workforce Safety as Busy Season Approaches

    In most parts of North America, busy season for the skilled trades is well under way. Material is getting dropped off, potholes are getting filled and landscaping businesses are in full-on get-it-done mode. With all this action paving the way to peak recruitment, onboarding and employment, it's not surprising that every year one important piece of ...
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    Your HR Tech Shopping Glossary

    Shopping for a strong, quality Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be challenging because of the high stakes, long-term impact and competing technology companies, but there's one thing that shouldn't be a challenge: understanding what technology companies are talking about.
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    Developing an Interview Process for Your Business

    When your business is expanding, the first thing to come to mind is how to recruit the best candidates. But the obvious next step often gets neglected: interviewing. In a perfect world candidates are lining up to join your team, and you have your choice of several qualified people. 
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    How to Handle Marijuana in the Workplace

    Weed at work might sound like a funny or dangerous topic to cover in HR, but we know HR professionals are on the front line of dealing with all kinds of challenges in a modern workplace:
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    4 Tips to Receive Better Applicants

    It's hard to hire the perfect person for a role - you know it, and we know it. Because of a combination of epic-low unemployment, an aging workforce and the lack of a trained pipeline (in construction, manufacturing and healthcare, in particular), the odds of landing the right candidate for a position can feel stacked against you. 
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    How to Set Proper Performance Goals for Employees

    Setting performance goals is a common HR tactic, but we don't often talk about why we do it. For many businesses, it's ingrained in the process and has become another line on the list to cross off as performance reviews come around. 
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    The Ultimate Guide to Core HR Workflows

    The satisfaction of being a part of a well-planned and well-executed Core HR workflow is hard to explain, but the feeling you get is kind of how you feel after watching this:
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