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    What is AI for Recruitment

    AI or artificial intelligence is a term that's been around since the 1950s. Back then, AI was relegated to science fiction. Today we know that AI is hard at work in many of our daily processes. For example, every time you use Uber, check your email or use a mobile device to deposit a check, you're using AI.
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    How to Implement a Successful Remote Work Policy

    Implementing a work-from-home policy can reap benefits for your employees and your company. Studies show that employees are happier when they work from home. Two-thirds of employees would rather work from home and 36 percent would choose it over a pay raise. And, companies benefit by retaining those employees they've worked so hard to hire and ...
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    10 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Retention

    You've finally hired a full staff that is jelling. Everyone is working as a team, happy and productivity is up. Unfortunately, before you know it, you're looking to fill positions once again. Employee retention tactics help keep your best employee around (instead of going to the competition) increasing overall employee morale and decreasing ...
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    Adopt These Habits of Successful Recruiters

    Success is measured differently by everyone, but a recruiter is ultimately successful when he or she finds quality candidates that contribute to the success of a company. Every recruiter uses different tactics, but they all practice good habits that can be adopted by anyone.
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    Your Mid-Summer Performance Management Guide

    July means two things - 1) Hot weather, and 2) Mid-year performance reviews. For most managers, performance reviews aren't at the top of their favorite to-do list, but it doesn't have to be that way. Performance reviews provide an excellent opportunity to connect with your employees and set them on a career path with your company. Not doing them ...
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    5 Best Practices for Employee Offboarding

    How warm is the reception for your new employees? Now, ask yourself how warm the reception is for your outgoing employees? New employees are welcomed aboard with well-thought-out processes in-place and lots of smiles and positivity. Yet many times outgoing employees don't receive the same attention, especially when it comes to the offboarding ...
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    How to Keep Your Millennial Employees Happy

    Bad work ethic. No loyalty. Entitlement issues. Millennials often get labeled with these stereotypes, none of which are based on facts. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, when it comes to job satisfaction Millennials are no different from any other generation; they want to do a good job, have job security and be able to grow ...
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    3 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Succession Planning

    No company should be without a succession plan. These plans not only review employee performance but guide your employees along their chosen career path (ideally with your company). Succession planning should be a commonplace for every business. 
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