Improve Your Talent Management Process: 3 Case Studies

When you have limited resources to complete projects, the recruiting process can feel like a burden. Creating, posting and distributing job ads is time-consuming. Keeping up with compliance issues is difficult.

It doesn’t have to be this way. BirdDogHR’s recruitment and ATS solution can improve your talent management process, saving you time and money and helping you hire better-quality employees, too. They can also help you meet equal opportunity employer (EOE) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) standards, and document that you’re meeting them, avoiding the hassle of an audit.

Here are three examples from real companies, showing the many ways BirdDogHR makes recruiting and reporting a snap.

SpawGlass HR department saves 15-20 hours a week and revamps their processes

SpawGlass had no problem getting job applicants; the construction company instead needed help streamlining their overwhelmed application process. The 30 hiring managers across the state needed quick and easy access to top candidates for open positions, but the Human Resources department was simply too swamped.

Laurie Ingle, SpawGlass VP of Human Resources, could no longer take the brunt of the hiring process, which while practically paperless for the candidates, was creating piles of internal paperwork. Not only that, but OFCCP reporting was completed manually, increasing the chance of data entry errors. SpawGlass needed a change and, after careful research, Ingle decided that should be in the form of the BirdDogHR’s ATS.

Since that decision, Ingle has been able to save 15 to 20 hours per week in administration and manual OFCCP compliance, which she has used to innovate the SpawGlass Human Resources department. But it’s not only Ingle who has enjoyed the time-saving ATS; every stakeholder has been pleased with the new addition to the recruitment process, from the hiring managers who can search past applicants as soon as positions open up, to the applicants themselves who appreciate how easy it is to apply to SpawGlass.

Surgical Specialities’ recruitment process goes from manual to mobile

Surgical Specialities had an ATS, but it wasn’t meeting its needs. It didn’t have the functionality Surgical Specialities required, and so the recruitment process was manual and time-consuming.

Jane Clough, Senior HR Manager at Surgical Specialities, evaluated six ATS systems before choosing the BirdDogHR ATS. She was looking for a system at her price point that streamlined the recruitment process and was backed by a responsive and supportive team. She was also interested in finding an ATS that could evolve and grow to meet Surgical Specialities’ needs as it grew.

She found that and more in the BirdDogHR ATS. It met her company’s needs for reporting specific to compliance and recruiting outreach regulations, and she received attentive service from the BirdDogHR team. Today, Surgical Specialities’ recruitment process has gone from manual to mobile, with hiring managers able to use the system from their smartphones while they’re on the road. This saves time for the staff at Surgical Specialities, and also makes it easier for candidates to apply from the tap of a button on their phone.

Bardi increases staff retention by 25% and becomes a top workplace in Atlanta

Without proper processes in place, Bardi Heat and Air was rushing its recruitment — and paying for it. First, they made a panic hire and selected the first person that came through the door, resulting in a bad hire. Then they selected the best of a few bad candidates, resulting in another bad hire. Then they too quickly hired the “perfect” candidate, only to discover during onboarding that he wasn’t so perfect after all.

Making the wrong hires meant that turnover was a serious problem. Plus, Bardi’s general manager faced an even bigger challenge: doubling the size of the staff team as the company grew. With the BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System, Bardi began to post its openings on industry-specific forums and built a bench of candidates for future opportunities, to avoid any more panic hires.

As the quality of their applicants went up, their turnover went down. In fact, Bardi’s move to an ATS and a sustainable recruiting strategy was so successful that great candidates have started to seek them out because they have become an employer of choice. The Atlanta Journal Constitution ranked Bardi a Top Workplace three years in a row, and it was also ranked #1 in customer service by the Better Business Bureau, a testament to the quality of its staff team today.

After implementing the BirdDogHR ATS, Bardi, SpawGlass, and Surgical Specialties all saw return on investment and compliance peace of mind. They’re not the only ones. Public utilities, engineering companies and construction service providers have also benefited from BirdDogHR’s straightforward and easy-to-use talent management system.

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