Ensure Workforce Safety as Busy Season Approaches

The busy season is rapidly approaching for construction companies. This means more federal contracts and projects, but also puts construction industry workers at an increased risk for injury. The construction industry is made up of approximately 6.5 million workers and has a higher fatal injury rate compared to the national average. Guaranteeing the health and safety of your laborers, during this demanding period requires the inclusion of a safety strategy outline in your overall workforce strategy.

Your organization should prioritize safety education as a key component of employee communication and overall organizational culture. Prioritizing safety not only creates a more positive work environment for laborers but also makes your organization more attractive to prospective employees. Job seekers will value your company’s concern for its employees.

Proactively taking these safety precautions is a team effort. Integrating these safety values into your company culture will require your organization to debunk widespread myths, such as the idea that injuries, no matter how minor, are “part of the job”. Stigmas that desensitize employees to workplace injuries can lead to a negative impact on your organization’s culture.

With tight deadlines, demanding schedules, and pressure from company stakeholders, there is a lot of room for risk and injuries. Implement the following expectation: “If you see something, say something.” Laborers should feel comfortable telling someone if they see something that may lead to an accident or is in violation of industry standards.

Correcting bad habits and teaching new methods to create a safe and efficient working environment can help reduce the risk of injuries. This can be done through use of a formal, automated process. New regulations made by OSHA require hazard reports be submitted online. Using an automated, user-friendly system to file compliance documents and train employees will create a safe, efficient work atmosphere.

BirdDogHR knows that preventing injuries in the workforce is a priority in the construction industry. We work with hundreds of contracting companies to plan for a safe busy season by ensuring efficient and accurate compliance and training with BirdDogHR talent management software. To learn more, contact us. Want to see our software in action? Schedule a demo.