How to Find Construction Employees Using an ATS

The job of a recruiter is incredibly important and complex. Regardless of an HR team’s skills, the truth is that hiring is getting more and more challenging — especially in the construction industry. In fact, a survey from 2015 found that 32% of American employers are having a difficult time finding staff with the right skills.

That’s why BirdDogHR created a solution specifically tailored for recruiters in the construction industry. 

The BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a centralized, cloud-based solution that includes every element a recruiter will need to bring on new staff: an application page that meets the branding of your company, job ad distribution, candidate management, and reporting tools that will ensure your company maintains compliance.

Skilled trades positions are the most difficult jobs in the country to fill. Here's how BirdDogHR's Applicant Tracking Software helps HR teams recruit top talent from an infinite pool of construction candidates.

Step 1: Integrate Your Job Ad With the ATS

Once you’ve built your job description offline, the BirdDogHR ATS will ensure you can seamlessly integrate that posting into your existing career portal. As a recruiter, you can indicate the exact information you need from candidates, and create voluntary surveys and employer questions.

A job ad is the first impression an applicant will have of your company, so it’s important they’re able to navigate to ads that fit their skills. With our solution, your career page and job ads are easily searchable using keywords and location, which will immediately target your ads towards skilled candidates depending on their region. 

Step 2: Job Distribution

As an HR professional, you know that online job boards are a key part of the recruitment process, especially for younger applicants. Our solution makes it easy for you to quickly distribute robust job ads across more than 350 free job boards and referral networks, including Indeed and Glassdoor. Niche industry boards are also targeted, including those in the construction field. BirdDogHR's Applicant Tracking Software includes optional distribution to fee-based boards, and integrates social media sharing, so your ad is guaranteed to reach top talent.

Attract, Hire and Retain in Construction

Step 3: Data at Your Fingertips

Access applicant information as soon as they submit to the system, and manage candidates better than ever before. Candidates can be easily scored, screened, and stacked throughout the application process, making it easier for you to see your talent bench for this job and future positions. The BirdDogHR ATS also gives you access to pre-employment background and drug screening assessments so you can make a more informed hire. 

Another benefit of the data collected by BirdDogHR's Applicant Tracking Software is that it’s uniform in style, meaning your HR team can better assess candidates across an equal playing field. Our solution includes job, application, and email templates so you always know what to expect from candidates.

Finally, our system also gathers information about the source of applicants so you can more intelligently target your job distribution the next time around.

Step 4: Compliance Standards Met, Every Time

Do changing OFCCP compliance requirements keep you up at night? The BirdDogHR ATS will ensure your construction company is meeting current standards — every time. BirdDogHR's Applicant Tracking Software produces AAP reports which satisfy Affirmative Action Plan documentation, and VEVRAA/Section 503 reporting is also available for companies who serve as federal contractors or subcontractors.

The ATS is not BirdDogHR’s only solution — once a candidate has been hired, they’re able to easily transition their account to our employee onboarding platform so they can efficiently and effectively complete the information they need to get started at your company. And that’s just one option in our comprehensive Talent Management Solutions.

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