Leverage Social Media to Find Your Best Candidate

It’s no secret that employers often check candidate’s social media prior to extending an offer. More people might be surprised to know that candidates are also checking in on their potential employers before they even apply. Social media has become a huge asset to companies when it comes to employer branding, and many companies are already using it to give candidates and other followers a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day at the company. It’s a huge advantage to use social media to tell your applicants why you stand out among the rest.

One of the mistakes many companies make is to use all social media sites like they were created to do the same thing, sharing identical content across each social media site. Facebook and LinkedIn are prime spots for longer posts with more information. Instagram is best for creative, visual content like photos, graphic design and videos. Twitter is an excellent tool for quippy posts to increase interest and also redirect to resources on the company website. Make sure to use all the social media platforms according to their strengths and know that creative content that is true to a company’s employer brand and company culture never goes out of style.

Strengthen your employer brand by thinking of your ideal employee. This is not just about a specific position that needs to be filled now. This is about what employees should look like, according to your vision for your company culture. Research what your ideal candidate would like to know about your business and company culture and post about it! Frequently post about the parts of your company that you’re proud of. Do you have engaged successful employees with career paths? Interview them on social media or feature them, giving specific examples to potential applicants of the opportunities and culture at the company. Show off the kind of employees you want more of on social media and you will attract more.

Don’t just leave content after posting. By interacting with people who engage with the post, employers pique interest and make an approachable impression. Answer questions, give feedback, even just respond to say, “Thank you,” in ways that match your company’s culture. Share content from valued partners or influencers. While much if this is simply good social media etiquette, the payoffs when looking for a candidate can be massive. An engaged, engaging social media presence can give the impression of a vibrant, energetic workplace, which is appealing to many candidates and could cause candidates who match your culture to be more interested in applying, widening the pool of candidates to choose from.

There are many simple changes you can make to your company’s social media strategy in order to leverage it to attract the applicants you want to hire. By differentiating between different social media sites, posting intentionally and interacting with your audience, you can grow and strengthen your employer brand in a way that will benefit your company for many years to come.

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