Bridging the Gap with Learning Management

Learning management can bridge the gap between employee goals and company strategies. All employees have development opportunities and skills that they can improve. Making it easy to access a centralized learning system simplifies training processes and employees are more prepared to complete their daily tasks.

When employees are continually learning and updating their skills to match company needs, your company is investing in its future success. Turnover starts to decrease as well once the skill gap starts to close. 65% of learning management system (LMS) users state they have a higher course completion rate, resulting in a 37% increase in employee productivity (Source).

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Traditional classroom style training is no longer the only viable option for conducting training as online learning can occur faster online than it does in a classroom. Today’s workforce has gone mobile, and it’s time that their training options do too.

Benefits of a learning management system include:

  • Bridge company and employee goals with learning activities
  • Track the development of employees, so you can watch performance growth
  • Employees retain more information and produce higher quality work
  • Help develop the skills of employees and prepares them for future job career development
  • Decrease turnover and increases engagement and productivity levels

The BirdDogHR Learning Management solution helps employees improve their skills and abilities to do their job. If you want to develop employees from within, check out our Bridge the Skill Gap with Employee Development infographic. To learn more about the BirdDogHR Learning Management System visit the website.

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