How to Easily Manage Employee Performance

Everyone likes to be positively acknowledged for their work, and nobody likes to spend time and energy working on a project only be told to start over. Timely feedback can reward work or allow checkpoints to ensure a project is on track. Employee performance management is one of the most critical challenges any organization will face. If the core of your company isn’t performing well, you need to understand why and be prepared to give specific developmental feedback. Implementing an employee performance management program can help your company track employee performance and the fulfillment of goals while maintaining a high level of employee engagement and motivation.

Employee Evaluation Productivity 

Employee performance management allows employers to understand strengths and weaknesses of the overall team. This holds each member accountable for their actions and work, while allowing you to have complete faith in their ability to help the organization stay competitive in the changing marketplace. Annual performance reviews have become a thing of the past as they ineffectively gage employee work and performance. Performance management isn’t a yearly score, it’s an ongoing conversation and coaching with a strong focus on employee engagement.

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HR Performance Goals

Many new hires are not given clear objectives or goals from their workplace. Performance management educates and aligns employee goals with the company strategies and mission. 66% of organizations don’t create employee goals that are aligned to the organization’s overall vision, and only 7% of employees understand how their own work supports their company’s success. These damaging statistics can result in lower motivation and engagement and higher turnover. Companies must strive to do better.

The BirdDogHR Performance Management System is a cloud-based solution that allows team members to direct their own career development toward mutually agreed upon goals and competencies. Learn more about BirdDogHR employee performance management or review a few of the performance management resources that are available.

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